Boy Scouts of America

Welcome to Troop 90!

We are pleased to have new members joining our Troop, and hope that Scouting will be a rewarding experience for you.

New boys and their parents always have a lot of questions, and the material provided in this handout will give you some of the answers. If there are any concerns that you may have that are not covered in these pages, please ask any of our Troop leaders.

Scoutmaster: Larry Stroman

Committee Chair: Scott Jones

Assistant Scoutmasters:

Ted O'Connor, Camping, High Adventure,

Paul Wojdynski, Venture Crew Advisor

Adam Wright, Rank Advancement

Joe Garrett

Joining the Boy Scouts of America

A boy must meet ONE of the following criteria to become a Boy Scout.

1. Must be at least 11 years of age

2. Have completed the 5th grade

3. Have earned the Arrow of Light award as a Webelos, and his parents or guardian must fill out the Boy Scout Application

What a new Scout needs

The first two things that a new scout needs are a Scout Handbook and a uniform. Both of these items may be purchased from the store at the Scout Service Center, located at 1211 E. Dyer Santa Ana, Ca., 92705 Telephone (714)-546-4990


The uniform is a bond which ties us together, unifying our strength and support. The Class A uniform for Troop meeting is the khaki shirt with appropriate patches, uniform pants or shorts, (Scout socks if wearing shorts), web belt, and the neckerchief. The only insignia a Scout needs are: Troop Numbers: 90 American Flag patch Red shoulder tabs Orange County Council patch The Boy Scout Handbook has information on the placement of the insignia.

Troop 90 Meetings

The boys meet each Tuesday evening at the Sea Base on the Coast Highway in Newport Beach, starting at 7.00pm. All Scouts are expected to be at the meeting at least 5 minutes early so our meeting may start on time. Please inform your Patrol Leader in advance if you are unable to attend.

Troop 90 Parents Meetings

The Troop 90 parents meeting is usually held on the first Monday evening of the month. These meetings are also at the Sea Base in Newport Beach. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings, they begin at 7.00 pm.

Patrol Leaders Council

The Patrol Leaders Council meets on the first Monday of each month in order to plan out the activities for the Troop. These meetings are held at the Sea Base and begin at 7.00 pm. Patrols Scouts are assigned to Patrols of six to eight boys. Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader filled by Patrol members who elect their leaders semi-annually. The Scouts holding a Patrol position can be re- elected.

Registration Fees

Troop 90 charges an annual dues fee for each boy. The fees include:

Registration with the Boy Scouts of America Subscription to Boy's Life Magazine Group Insurance The excess money stays in the Troop 90 treasury to help with expenses and activities. In December the Troop prepares for Re- charter. All boys who are staying in the Troop pay the yearly fee at that time, for the coming year. The annual fee is: $55.00 All adults are encouraged to sign up as Scouters and help with the Troop. The fee is $15.00 per year for active Scout Leaders. All registered Scouters are also covered by insurance and receive the Scouter Magazine.


Troop activities are planned for each month. Some of our outings have included rock climbing at Joshua Tree, whitewater rafting on the Stanislaus, and long term backpacks in the Sierras. Each year our Troop participates in the District Camporee, and the Scout-0-Rama.

Trip Application-Medical Release Form

Each time Troop 90 goes on a trip, an application/medical release form needs to be returned to the activity adult leader. In order for the boy to go on an outing, the trip leader must have this form signed by a parent or guardian. This form ensures that the scout can receive medical treatment in case of accident or illness.

Adult Participation

Every family has a job in order to have a successful program, parental support is important. There are plenty of things that parents, both men and women, can do to help the troop. Some examples include; help at troop meetings with a specific project. Assist with troop activities such as make telephone calls, plan special events, coordinating fund raising projects, providing transportation, helping various committees to plan the outings and activities. Sign up as a merit badge counselor in your speciality, hobby, interest or profession …to name a few


Drivers of Scouts must be 18 years of age or older. This is a National Scouting policy. Each driver must have the State minimum requirements for insurance. Each driver and passenger must have a seat belt. Please give the following information to the Scoutmaster in order to have you on our drivers list. Amount of insurance coverage: each person 100,000 each accident 300,000 property damage 100,000 Vehicle information: Manufacturer, Make/Model, Year, and number of available Seat belts